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What role does a shaft sleeve play in a water pump

What-role-does-a-shaft-sleeve-play-in-a-water-pumpA water pump is one of the modern day inventions which has really solved the issue of having an uninterrupted water supply. There are various parts, in the water pump, which help in smooth functioning of the water pumps. Talking about parts, shaft sleeve is one of the key parts of a water pump.

Definition of shaft sleeve

A shaft sleeve is shaped like a cylindrical hollow metal tube which is mounted over the shaft, this offers the right amount of protection during the packing. Pump shaft, most of the times, offer apt protection from corrosion, erosion. If we talk about the standard function of the shaft sleeve, it would be to protect the shaft from packing wear at stuffing box.

The application of the shaft sleeve is commonly in single stage pumps. The placement of both the sealing gland and the impeller is not direct on the shaft. The sleeve is strategically placed amid the impeller’s bore. As far as this type of assembly is concerned, sleeve remains the wearable part and the best part is that you don’t have to spend more as compared to the shaft. The key task of the impeller sleeves is to offer the right amount of protection to the shaft from damage. Various different functions, which are performed by the sleeve, are given some specific names, in order to specify their function.

There is a prevention for sleeve rotation via a key; most of the times it is the impeller’s key. It is through the sleeve that the impeller’s axial thrust is transferred to the external shaft nut. For a pump with larger head, having an axial load on the sleeve is practical. The key advantages of the design comprise of easiness and assembly & maintenance is hassle free. Right amount of space is offered for a cartridge type mechanical seals and large seal chamber.

There are manufacturers which prefer the sleeve, where the sleeve’s impeller end is weaved with a thread that matches on the shaft. Especially, for this type a key is of no use and both left & right hand threads are being replaced. This helps in tightening the frictional hold of the packing while being on the sleeve. For the pumps having hanging impellers, varied forms of sleeves are being put into use. There are mechanical seals which possess a cartridge design, it may be tested for the leakage before the pump is being actually installed. In the earlier days, a hook type sleeve used to be quite popular. The cartridge type mechanical seals has become more and more popular, owing to which the hook type sleeves are less preferred.

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